Shake Junt x Emerica

mar 22, 2023

- Bisk8 Visual -
Emerica Footwear proudly presents the all-new  Shake Junt x Emerica collection. Available now at skate shops worldwide, the collection features the Figgy G6, KSL G6, Dickson, and Gamma as well as a full apparel capsule. To celebrate this collaboration and put the gear to the test, we hit the road with Emerica and Shake Junt team riders, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Jon Dickson, Justin "Figgy" Figueroa, Julian Davidson, and Jordan Powell to the wild west streets of Texas. First stop, a tour of H-Town’s best spots and a quick visit to the infamous “Screwdio” made famous by the one and only DJ Screw long enough for Beagle to record a mix tape and ending it with a heavy banger by Jon Dickson at one of ATX’s heaviest ditch spots. Witness the ripping, enjoy some hijinx and hit your local to getchu some! 

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