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Gil remix, sold old some new.

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Raw Deals episode #15 featuring Fred Gall, Ben Allen, Bill Spice, Erik Galka, Brian Foley, Nick Marini, Justin Villano, Andy Bautista, Charles Lamb, Graham Sharts, German Nieves, Joe Tookmanian, Darren Baskinger, Chris Schaffone, Anthony Shetler, Devon Connell, Steve DuranteKevin Hayden and Ben Allen skating New York City and New Jersey in 2003.

RAW DEALS episode #015 from Tom Colabraro on Vimeo.

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Chimay streaming through Flowrida with classic ease

Filmed and edited by Stephen Buggica aka Busted Mic

via Magenta Skateboards

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Krzysztof Godek

Joanna Suska

Kuba Perzyna

Krzysiek Poskrobko

KONRAD KRUŻYŃSKI @luznyalespinacz
TOMEK ZIÓŁKOWSKI @tomekziolkowski
TOMEK KOTRYCH @tomekkotrych
Andrzej Pełczyński @homikandrzej
Mateusz Mieciek @jakwoda
Michał Abramczuk @koalapunk
Michał Mucha @mmucha92
Kuba Bączkowski @kubabaczkowski
Patryk Głąbień @paddyglabien
Michał Przybyłowicz @m_przybylowicz
Badr Jet Lee @badrjetlee
Łukasz Jagodziński @wucaviar 
Alessandro Ianitti @al_ian 
Tomek Haładaj @buttholelovereater
Rafał Modranka @rafalmodranka
Michał Trzeciakowski @michaltrzeciakowski
Bartosz Młodystach @jungenstach
Karol Dylewski @woo_lee 
Jan Otorowski @theotorious
Piotr Szypuła @szypersb
Przemek Muklewicz @al_lee 
Łukasz Kuza @lukaszkuza
Wojtek Szczot @wojtek3szczot
Patryk Sadzki @patryksadzki
Nicolas Béduneau @bedubim
Jan Henrik Kongstein @funkmesterjan
Tom Remillard @twistthewrist
Alessandro Ianitti @al_ian
Jeronimo Martins @jeropa
Dominik Jaworowski @dominikjaworowski
Łukasz Dzido @lukaszbolekdzido
Filip Dziewięcki @fifiskt
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Jarek Ruszczak @jarecki3s
Piotr Kiełb @piotrkielb
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Tomek Goławski @mrnakedboy
Piotr Kostur @kosti07
Marcin Pawuniak @juniorlovelife

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The Isle lads for Nike SB.

"The project started with an age-old photographic printing technique know as cyanotype in which exposing photosensitive paper or canvas to sunlight produces a cyan blue image.

Myself, Casper Brooker and Chris Jones wanted to find a texture that suited Isle's aesthetic. We also thought it would be cool to reference sunlight and how important it is for skateboarding. Ironically, we filmed the accompanying video from November to February in the UK with very little sun.

The video has become a new development in Jacob Harris’s work. In this piece we experience a surreal portrait of what exists before and after the action."

Isle co-founder Nick Jensen

Find a store near you: https://www.nikesb.com/shops

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Here is the video videopart of Nicolas Ricupero aka Nick

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It is a video that contains the skateboard attitude of the Abruzzo coast, made of beaches, sea, smiles, skewers, beers, and some tricks in the middle. All filmed with a sketchy vx2100 that we like.

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" Hailing from the great Northwest Cody destroys transition with an unparalleled technical assault. Check out what one afternoon at the skatepark looks like and see for yourself. " - Nate Alton, Thunder Team Manager.

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Filmed between Milan and Paris over the course of three weeks, 'Astratto' is a short video part capturing the silky smooth skateboarding of sexy Centrale local Ruben Spelta.

Filmed and edited by Hadrien Buhannic.
Supported by adidas Skateboarding.

via FreeSkateMag

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"Quarantine led to a trip to meet up with Ville Wester, Elias Mensi & more brorz. first song is Reuben by Brian Harnetty, second is Papi Santana with an atm unrealesed song about corona & being polite, third is Human Music by The Soft Boys.
Hope you enjoy us skateboard, hang out & do stuff. ask 4 @'s.
Losing my job I think, what should I do?"

via Baeonci

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A new edit from the man who brought us world peath: Daniel Dent.
featuring frankie decker chris milic salomon cardenas robert blazek pat franklin kyota umeki johnathan flechas trevor thompson kris burkhardt kevin shealy evan wasser mitch metzger hayden burns dane barker pat gallagher jesse abla tanner burzinski cooper winterson nick michel noah lora.

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A mix of the Carhartt WIP "SOCIAL" edits + a lot of unseen footage. Edited by Romain Batard.

Skaters: Max Palmer, Andrew Wilson, Roman Gonzalez, Ollie Lock, Sylvain Tognelli, Jack O’Grady, Pepe Tirelli, Matlok Bennett-Jones , Tolia Titaev, Taylor Caruso, Josh Pall, Felipe Bartolomé, Rémy Taveira.

Filmed by Romain Batard, George Kousoulis, Jeffrey Giddens & Vincent Villagomez.

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"in questi giorni ho fatto un pò di ordine negli hard disk che avevo, il risultato? sono riuscito a tirar fuori un piccolo video con tutte le migliori riprese effettuate con la Vx2100 ( la mia prima videocamera Analogica-Digitale).
Le clip sono state realizzate introno al 2008 - 2012. Oggi ho deciso di riproporvi il meglio del meglio."
Stefano Federici

Rider: Giuseppe Taccori, Luca Collu, Cristian Sirica Boccia, Igor Cianti, Lorenzo Marconi, Michele Marconi, Nikolai Danov, Gaspare Gentile, Alessandro Martoriati, Gargy, Stefano Federici, Stefano Petti, Massimiliano Baratono, Lorenzo Piermattei, Franceco Paone, Manuele Mariotti e Jacopo Picozza

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Philly in the building. Jahmir Brown holding it down

- Bisk8 Visual -

In order of appearance: Kirian Stone, Mike Lemnitzer, Greg Mo, Jack Olson, Nathan Cameron, Zach Moore & Jeremy Murray.

Filmed & Edited: Pete Spooner