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- Bisk8 Visual -

Stinky Trouble in Barcelona, footage from last year. Soon the other parts... 

Stinkytrouble promo#1 “Fondo St Life “ from Stinkytrouble on Vimeo.

- Bisk8 Visual -

Finalmente online il video Dumb Ape Tour,  in collaborazione con Vans.

Gio Grazzani and Simone Verona spent 10 days traveling around the west coast of Italy driving the Ape Piaggio, a luxurious 3 wheeled italian vehicle. With no plans but just an idea to build diy spots and skate them, they filled the pickup with cement, sleeping bags and tools and started the journey at full speed (35km/h). They filmed and edited this video to show you how fun it is to build and skate diy stuff!

- Bisk8 Visual -

Contamined Skateshop sotto la sua ala protettiva ha Lorenzo Corsi, Toscano, che a Firenze, nello storico street spot del ponte sull'Arno, apparso anche sulla cover di Bisk8visual 9 con Niccolò Galletti, tira fuori qualche trick e qualche scatto.


- Bisk8 Visual -

Some after-hours antics from Waterloo, featuring Cam Barr, Josh Gregory, Tom Harrison, Neil Smith, Josh Young, Dave Mackey, Dan West, Vaughan Jones and a cameo from Myles Shankie.
Filmed and edited by Jake Martinelli.

The National Skateboard Co. - 'Skate Frydays' at House of Vans London. from The National Skateboard Co. on Vimeo.

- Bisk8 Visual -

The Vans Berle Pro wear test in Naples ft. Sergio Pontillo, Alessandro Pannella and theGiangyBaby.

Filming: Simone Esposito Mario Torre Vincenzo Bruscino

- Bisk8 Visual -

Filmed and edited by Gustav Tønnesen

Additional filming by
Simon Isaksson
Nisse Ingemarsson
Pekka Løvås
Vexu Ritola
Jack Thompson
Anthony Roscini
William Engström

- Bisk8 Visual -

Valdo Fusi Monthly Report : Marzo 2019
filmed and edited by our Turkish friend Arda Gul
Pepe Tirelli
Ruben Luzzatto
Alessio Puglisi
Alberto Della Beffa
Efrem Sapienza
Javier Varillas
Pietro Arduino
Alessio Giovannelli
Mike D'Imperio
Tommaso Parise
Giovanni Fesi
Gaspare Pecoraro
Luca Valerio
Guido Zanotto
Marco Iaria
Adriano La Greca
Icaro Nardi
Lorenzo Conti
Junior Ventura

- Bisk8 Visual -

John Fitzgerald's Stamped Pro Edition 151 Lights now available at Pawnshop Skate Co. and skate shops worldwide.  With 8.75" axles, stamped Thunder hangers, new anodized gunmetal forged baseplates and clear orange 90DU Thunder bushings.

- Bisk8 Visual -

Filmed & Edited By

Ale Bellante

Additional Filming By

Satoru Monaco
Ale Martoriati
Mattia Tommasoli
Toshihiro Kubota
Jonathan Levin


Matteo Botti
Eric Palanti
Filippo Mazzaccara
Andrea Casasanta
Lorenzo Silvestri
Ale Martoriati
Gaspare Gentile
Luca Crestani
Toshihiro Kubota
Marcelo Santos
Ale Bellante
Daniele Sessa
Sergio Pontillo
Eugenio Toscano
Antoine Combes

- Bisk8 Visual -

Ispirato al lungometraggio NCE, rilasciato nel mese di ottobre 2018, NTSC (NCE The Short Cut) è una serie di video prodotti da Rémi Luciani che si concentra sulla scena underground nel sud est della Francia.

In questo episodio;
Ben Botta
Sami Lababedi
Ruben Planque
Arto Bornes
Nelrick Olry
Maxime Saccomanno
Romain Popot
Etienne Gros
Lucas Languasco
Adrien Chabiron
Flo Tourdre
Truman Bottomley

- Bisk8 Visual -

"After spending 30 years skateboarding and 26 years shooting skateboard photos I found myself without a single clip doing actual skateboarding! It was time to film something”.

Davide Biondani's first videopart - 88/18