Vans Skateboarding x Frog

ago 23, 2022

- Bisk8 Visual -

Vans Skateboarding celebrates the launch of Frog Skateboards second collection with some Hawaiian vibes as Nick Michel, Brighton Zeuner and the rest of the fun-loving, tongue-in-cheek crew head to paradise. Jump in the van as they hop between skateparks, ditches, and waterslides in paradise. 

Started by Chris Milic and Jesse Alba, Frog Skateboards is less of a brand and more of a group of friends that don’t care about being pro-skaters or becoming the best board brand in the world, but rather focus on being the torchbearers of fun within the ever evolving world of skateboarding. 

Video by Diego Meek @bumblemeek & Chris Milic @oilychris_9 
Edited by Diego Meek @bumblemeek 
Skating by Evan Wasser @evan_wasser 
Brighton Zeuner @brightonzeuner 
Nick Michel @nick_michel 
Alan Bell Luis Ouida Hayden Burns @ice_dragon97

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