Vans EU - Where the Lands Meets the Sea

mar 14, 2022

- Bisk8 Visual -

A selection of the UK Vans skate team endeavored across the British Isle’s between free to move periods of ‘Covid lock downs’. Despite restrictions and the temperamental British weather, they managed to skate spots previously unseen and untouched.

Conditions were less than glamorous, the spots were extremely crusty, sleeping on uneven hillsides, setting up camp on rainy nights, trench foot, greasy English breakfasts and miles upon miles (2124 miles to be exact) in a smelly van is what was endured.

Despite all of the obstacles that inherently come with a trip like this, the crew managed to hit some of the most rural and out of reach locations along the charming coast of the UK. Allowing them to think outside of the box with some unconventional terrain, and reconnect with nature after a year and a half of lockdowns!

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