The Trudger - Simon Bannerot

feb 28, 2022

- Bisk8 Visual -

"This shoe was designed for endless trudging, wherever your path leads you.  Over Muddy trails, steep concrete hills, mountains, deserts, beaches.  Through any weather- sun, rain, snow, the Trudger will go wherever your heart desires. In the Pacific North West, my friends and I skate for miles and miles from suburbs to cities to find our choice spots, "trudging" the whole way (walking/pushing through it all).  I need shoes that protect my feet with padding on the sides, tongue, and toes; shoes that lace up tight if needed and are high enough to protect my ankle from shark bite or sprains.  These shoes are comfortable, simple and not flashy.  They are warm, durable and most importantly, they skate and flick soooo nice."
Tested and Approved by Simon Bannerot

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