7Hills Skate Shop Day 2022

feb 25, 2022

- Bisk8 Visual -

Saturday the 19th of February was International Skateshop Day. It’s a celebration of indipendent, skater-owned and operated skateshops that work hard to spread the skateboarding culture in their city. 

We’re proud we’ve taken part in DLXSF’S “Sketchy Skateshop Appreciation Program”. A limited edition board has been designed for us and for many other skateshops around the world by the legendary @toddgrancisart. The board is now available in store and online:

We celebrated our Skateshop Day in the only way we know: we skated with our locals at one of our favourite spots, Ponte della Musica. Thanks to the family, especially Gaspare Gentile aka the King Gasp and everyone who has skated with us. Our Skateshop day was made of Best Trick, Game of Skate, and good vibes. Thanks for your love! 

Special thanks to Vans for supporting us.
Photos: Simone Rocca
Video Report: Filmed and edited by Satoru Monaco

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