Vans Europe - Piazzetta

dic 9, 2021

- Bisk8 Visual -

Vans Italy is excited to drop Piazzetta – the latest team video from our Italian crew.

Piazzetta in Italian means “small square”. The plan was for the Italian Vans skate team to visit some of their most-loved home spots, sharing the same ledge where they grew up as skaters.

They kicked things off in Milano Centrale, then made their way to Torino’s Piazza Castello. Next up was Bologna’s Memoriale della Shoah and finally wrapped things up in Reggio Emilia’s Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio. Four different cities with four different colours of marble and cobblestones.

The result? 
A 9 minute ode to the team’s OG spots with a brand-new approach. Ci vediamo in Piazzetta!

Alex Borgatti
Andrea Carugo
Aurora Steri
Benjamin Buca
Efrem Sapienza
Gianmarco Ciselli
Giuseppe Cola
Icaro Nardi
Mattia Turco
Mia Tommasoli
Miriam Marino
Pepe Tirelli
Sergio Reinhardt
Tito Colica
Will Ocean Odiete

Filming and Editing:
Alberto Della Beffa

Additional Filming:
Davide Martinazzo
Luca Rusiano
Nico Tavella
Sergio Pontillo

8MM Footage:
Alberto Della Beffa
Davide Martinazzo

Mattia Turco

Federico Casella

Special thanks:
Alex Forbes
Davide Feneri
Ilaria Albano
Maxime Monteil
Solo Skateboard Magazine
and all the locals

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