Gristle by Adam Bos

ott 30, 2021

- Bisk8 Visual -

Predominantly filmed in small cities around their native state of Ontario during times of pandemic-restricted travel, GRISTLE once again offers an intimate window into the universe of some our favourite crust-loving spot hunters: the Bos brothers. In this sea of textured greys and beiges the quick 3/4 flashes of  vibrantly coloured obstacles (how sick is that multicoloured hydrant?!) serve as reminders of the attention to detail that must have gone into finding all these gems, and there’s something extra heartwarming about seeing this level of shared passion when it’s 3 brothers, all now well into their adult lives – Josh / Adam work in construction and Jake for correctional services – but still making time to put out these incredible video projects with the same dedication as they always have.

Featuring parts from Joshua Bos and Jake Bos.

Guests: Dylan Barnes, Adam Bos and Dave Caddo.

Filmed and edited by Adam Bos.

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