YenraB Remix - Nick Jensen - First Broadcast

mar 17, 2021

- Bisk8 Visual -

YenraB Cornichons a.k.a Barney Abrahams is a very patient and talented animator. We’d see glimpses of his work on Insta, he’d upload an animation of a skate clip and you’d instantly be able to recognise which clip it was based on. We decided to hit him up to see if he’d be down to animate a full part, as previously he had only ever produced short clips, due to the time consuming nature of his ‘Chibi-simulacrum’ style of animation. Barney was down and decided to rework Nick Jensen’s full part from the 2001 video ‘First Broadcast’, filmed by Dan Magee and Adam Mondon, which you can watch in full above. It’s evident how much time and effort he has put in to reproduce this part in phenomenal detail, even down to the finest touches such as subtle body movements, recognisable background landmarks, b-roll clips and more. We’re stoked to present this one to you all and hope you enjoy it. Big thanks to Barney for doing such a sterling job. Tom Pickard interviewed Barney Abrahams on his inspiration, his animation process, his characters and why he chose this particular iconic part. 

Animation by: YenraB Cornichons / Barney Abrahams

Filmed by: Dan Magee & Adam Mondon

Via Vague

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