Dear George - Chew The Fat - Aaron Herrington

mar 16, 2021

- Bisk8 Visual -

Chew The Fat next episode features NYC underground king Aaron Herrington. 
As his recent ankle injury put his skate career on hold for roughly six months, he told us about his worries, and the challenges he's facing in his path back on the board. 
We had an insight of what the great pacific west represents when it comes to skateboarding culture. We heard about the “weathered” skaters, as he calls them. People that never had the shine they deserved but undoubtedly skate like concrete gods. 
He then told us about all the places he’s lived in. His fondest memories growing up in Oregon, how he'd often miss school for chasing skateparks and contests around the state. The time spent skating downtown San Francisco during the finest HUF era. In the end NYC, where he's lived for a decade now and where, in 2014, he had his “going-pro” party hosted by his homies.
Aaron spoke about running Chrystie NYC along with his friend Pep Kim and how important it is to know your limits and to be able to count on your friends and partners.
Not everything shines though in Aaron's life. He had a fair deal of darkness too in the last years, he'd in fact had issues with alcohol for quite a long time when he decided it was time for a change and went sober with the help of his family and team-mates in 2017. His personal struggle resonated quite a lot when he started addressing the issue publicly, and we didn't want to miss the chance to touch this delicate subject.
Aaron's got a humble approach and objective look on things, and he wishes for just a little more awareness of those things that often are overlooked within the skateboarding industry.
Enjoy episode 3 of Chew The Fat. Finest Quality Rubbish!

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