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SML Wheels - From Belgium with love

By martedì, giugno 16, 2020

- Bisk8 Visual -

Some footage of Sammy Montano and Justin Drysen from a couple Summers ago when we visited Youness and his friends in his hometown of Hasselt, Belgium. Halfway through we dropped off Justin at a Huf demo with Austyn. Most of the footage we filmed has already come out in various projects, here's some of the fun stuff that didnt make the cut.

Filmed in Summer of 2018
Youness Amrani
Sammy Montano
Justin Drysen
Koen Helsen
Marwan Amrani
Austyn Gillette
Kevin Vu
Fayssal Amrani
David Rodriguez
Laurens Willems
Maico Wie

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