Vans Europe - Tom's Tales

mag 12, 2020

- Bisk8 Visual -

Vans presents Tom’s Tales, a new skate project following nineteen Vans riders hitting various cities across Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Croatia and Russia.

Accompanied by their loyal mascot – Tom the beer cooler – the film follows Martino Cattaneo, Joseph Biais, Valentin Bauer, Pietro Tirelli, Oscar Candon, Jan Hoffmann, Sam Partaix, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Alexey Krasniy, Axel Cruysberghs, Albert Nyberg, Thanos Panou, Robin Bolian, Yeelen Moens and Victor Pellegrin with guest appearances from global team skaters Daniel Lutheran, Dustin Dollin and Chris Pfanner, as they explore the diverse architecture that each city’s spots offered up. This, combined with the creativity of a well-rounded skate team, led to this visually stimulating piece that will keep you entertained from the beginning to the end.

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