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Hopps - Into the sun

By lunedì, maggio 18, 2020

- Bisk8 Visual -

The Hopps squad has grown recently and is forming like Voltron in this all new piece introducing some new faces and talents to Hopps fans. Tune in Sunday evening at 9pm EST for the world premiere of a brand new Hopps joint guaranteed to get you hyped and send you back out the door for a night time shred.

Featuring: Joseph Delgado, Elijah Gordon, Khyler Garrison, Faheem Allah, Steve Brandi, Jahmal Williams, Mark Del Negro, Dustin Eggeling and Joel Meinholz.

Produced & Edited by Josh Stewart

Filmed by Josh Stewart, Sam McCormick, Jake Todd, Colton Abernathy, Grant Thomas, Tristan Mershon and Mac Wold.

Now available in Italy at Playwood-distribution

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