Jeff Grosso - The Propeller Vert Session

apr 28, 2020

- Bisk8 Visual -

With Propeller being the first ever full-length skateboarding film from Vans, there was no question that it needed to pay homage its roots.
Opening with an 80’s style backyard ramp session quickly became the plan, but what most don’t know is that Jeff Grosso single-handedly made it happen.
From finding the location to assembling the skaters, Jeff became the heart and soul behind the shoot.
Here for the first time is a full cut of what went down during those three epic days.
This is a tribute to Jeff and everything he brought to our world through his boundless love for skateboarding.

Featuring Jeff Grosso, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Lizzie Armanto and Omar Hassan.

The Jeff Grosso Birthday tribute:

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