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Chef Family - Presto

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- Bisk8 Visual -

"PRESTO" (Soon) is a mix of Italian and International rippers that skated our hometown of Milan and surrounding cities with us.

Filming, photography and editing by: Chef - Genuine Street Flavour.
Additional filming by: Josh Roberts

Ruben Spelta
Roberto "Lo Spesso" Sacchetti
Alessio "Ciccio" Facchini
Leo Valls
Vivien Feil
Karim Stalder
Gianluca Miotto
Cristian Campanile
Francisco Andara
Federico Epis
Andrea "Bakish" Di Liddo
DGD (Diego Garcia Dominguez)
Nicola Giordano
DXZ (Daniele Zennaro)
Gaspare "KING" Gentile
Andrea "Cisko" CIniselli
Kristoffer Malana
Andrea Colzani
Marco Colmar
Pietro Bontà
René "Rino" Olivo
German Nieves
Tom Caridi
Gilberto "Gilbo" Cannarozzi

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