SSFF - Spin Off

feb 6, 2020

- Bisk8 Visual -

09/02/2020 Triennale Milano from 17.30

SSFF presents a saline and concrete hit of inspiration with selection of skate and surf movies from the last three editions of the Festival. SSFF is a celebration of the cream of surf and skate culture.
SSFF brings to Italy a showcase of homegrown and international surfing and skate’s hottest release - documentaries to inspire, travelogues to stir up the wanderlust, cutting edge action to blow minds and cinematography to mesmerize. Skate and Surf Film festival is an essential cultural happening for anyone of salt water and cement persuasion.


In Our Time by Enrico Cerovac
I.O.T shows the experiences lived by some of the key players of the Italian skate scene through the eyes of Enrico.

Spaghetto Child 3 - Youth of Yesterday by Chef Family, Directed by René Olivo
A skate video/documentary hybrid looks into the history of one of Italy’s most underground and purist of skateboarder and his brand.

Lunar by Onde Nostre, Directed by Luca Merli
Featuring Leah Dawson. Leah is balanced by earth and charged with energy by water, she is a solar creature influenced by moon power, like the sea.

Ye Olde Destruction by Thomas Campbell
Y.O.D. seeks to capture a lifelong love affair with skateboarding ad DIY, featuring some of skateboarding’s most legendary riders.

Nothing in Between by Alberto Chimenti Dezani
"Nothing in Between" is the stream of consciousness of a skateboarder and his board: one trick after another, and nothing else in the middle.

Projections starts at 17.30

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