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Skateboarding's Finest e Pigeons Family - PASTIS

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- Bisk8 Visual -

Skateboarding's Finest and Pigeons Family present "Pastis", a tour video shot during seven days in Cote D'Azur. Supported by: Vans and Playwood Distribution Premiered at the third edition of the SSFF Skate&Surf Film Festival in Milan. Featuring: Pietro Tirelli Edoardo Olivetti Icaro Nardi Efrem Sapienza Alberto Della Beffa Marco Iaria Ruben Luzzatto Marco Olent Gabriele Carboncini Adriano La Greca and Martino Garbaccio Filmed and edited by Alberto Della Beffa Additional filming by Marco Olent Efrem Sapienza Edoardo Olivetti Davide Gavello Gabriele Carboncini Marco Iaria

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