Static 2 Remix/Greatest Misses

lug 4, 2019

- Bisk8 Visual -

Many moons ago I had an idea to release a video that, along with a  booklet of some unseen and already seen skate photos, a Moving In Traffic remix, an original edit of what my IPath part should have looked like, some unseen La Luz and INFMS footage, and some new stuff, was going to include this Static 2 remix. I was going to call the project "Bobby Puleo's Greatest Misses". I never released the project partially due to a lack of funding, but also because of how fast technology was moving in terms of how we were consuming our media. We were on the cusp of the youtube/blog site/general B-roll/throw away footage becoming actual "usable" content revolution, as well as the rise of Facebook and Instagram as our delivery systems. The hardcopy dvd was quickly becoming a thing of the past. It almost makes sense to put something out like this now. But who has sensibilities anymore. Anyhow, here it is, the Static 2 Remix from "Greatest Misses". Enjoy! 
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Filming by Josh Stewart, Alex Muccilli, Chris Avery, and Trevor Prescott

Originally released as a part in Josh Stewart's Static 2: The Invisibles

Song - Rufus and Chaka Kahn, "Ain't Nobody"

Thank you to all the filmer's involved and to Bob Scerbo for the production.

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