Pigeons Family - Urban Decorum full length

lug 24, 2019

- Bisk8 Visual -

Urban Decorum is Pigeons Family latest full length video by Alberto Della Beffa. It shows three years of skating around Italy and Europe with all the components of the crew and lots of friends.
The title wants to question the definition of urban decorum, which often accepts issues such as the visual violence of unrestrained advertising while condemning behaviors such as graffiti art or skateboarding as disturbing elements. Instead, skaters are the only active part of the population on the public space. They live the streets everyday, filling those places that lost their original purpose, cohabiting with the others and studying the architectural elements and their possible resemanticization (attribution of new meanings).

filmed and edited by:
 Alberto Della Beffa

additional filming by:
Mattia Tommasoli
Efrem Sapienza
Edoardo Comba
Pietro Arduino
Icaro Nardi
Ludovico Patti
& some others

still photography by:
Alberto Della Beffa
Andrea Zandrelli
Simone Esposito

Icaro Nardi
Edoardo Olivetti
Pietro Tirelli
Raffaele Pola
Javier Varillas
Tommaso Parise
Adriano La Greca
Marco Iaria
Luca Zoccola
Fabrizio Lo Monaco
Nikolò Bromo
Alessio Giovannelli
Alberto Della Beffa
Pietro Arduino
Eugenio Nardi
Francesco Petronio
Andrea Opretti
Jonas Skroder
Edoardo Comba
Jacopo Selvo
Efrem Sapienza
Ruben Luzzatto
Federico Clemente
Davide Pozza
Simone Asero
Nicholas Sabena
Nico Giovannoni
Davide Cotti
Ludovico Patti
Ariel Crupi
Francesco Galati
Andrea Zandrelli
Gianmarco Ciselli
Nicola Ciccocioppo
Davide Rossano
Alessandro Gamurrini
Marco Palmieri aka Tony Palma
Andrea Calgaro
Daniele Martelli
Nicola Del Sarto
Lorenzo Ubino

filmed between 2016 and 2019.

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