In Our Time - Enrico Cerovac

gen 21, 2019

- Bisk8 Visual -

IN OUR TIME (Photo Zine + Video) depicts the experiences lived by some of the key players of the Italian skate scene through the eyes of Enrico Cerovac – in various locations that still today represent a connection between its culture and all that surrounds it. It is a personal interpretation of the generations that frequent these places and the strong passion that unites them; a juxtaposition between the care-free life in the day on the skateboard and the digital era, and the varied experiences between them that have led Enrico, in these last three years, to document and collect new images of a fascinating and unique scene in constant change.

Filmed, edited and directed by Enrico Cerovac /

IN OUR TIME "A short film about skateboarding" from Enrico Cerovac on Vimeo.


Aref Koushesh / Carlo Aldiano / Ale Benedetti / Simone Verona / Ruben Luzzatto / Mattia Turco
Pietro Bontà  / Federico Casella / Alberto Della Beffa / Pietro “pepe” Tirelli / Nikolai Danov
Ale Di Luggo / Nicola Giordano / Ruben Spelta / Jacopo Carozzi / Efrem Sapienza
Martino Cattaneo / Jacopo Picozza

Presented by: Block10 + Onde Nostre /
Graphic design: Studio Iknoki /
Logo animation: Racoon Studio /
Sound Mix: Alberto Ladduca

Music shorts film: Dead Beach and Alex Goose

This project has been realised thanks to the precious support of VANS and IUTER

(Thanks to CANON and DJI)

info and photos:


Italy: Milan, Turin, Trieste, Pietrasanta and Sarzana
Slovenia: Nova Gorica, Postojna and Ljubljana
Denmark: Copenhagen
Germany: Berlin
Belgium: Brussels

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