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dic 20, 2018

- Bisk8 Visual -

50 days across the United States of America for the first time.

After many years of social and cultural influence through history, movies, music and artists I couldn't wait anymore. I wanted to witness the "American Dream" with my own eyes.  So I jumped in a car with two American friends for a fifty day road trip across the New World. It was my first time in the U.S.A. and it was their first time leaving their homes and families. We met in Virginia where they packed their entire lives into a car, and hit the road to Arizona in search of a new home, a job, hot weather, and new skate spots. Skateboarding was what brought us together in the first place, and also the key to know each other better throughout the trip. We had great times and bad times, but in the end I'm just glad that we had times. I was lucky to meet some nice people that made me feel at home even if I was very far from my own. We drove for about four thousands miles, going up and down the country, living one day at a time. This is my audiovisual memory of an experience I’ll hardly forget.

Filmed, edited and directed by Sergio Pontillo

With Rylan Preabt and Kaito Miyazato
and also featuring:
Sergio Pontillo
Connor Feist
Aaron Israel Amescua
Noah Campbell
Kayne Ames
Diver Miyazato
Alan Nino
Abel Aguirre
Antonio Thornton
Giammarco Turriziani Colonna
Henry Blanton
Shane Falco
Charlie Summers

DVD limited edition

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